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How long does it take to apply Natural Beaded Row extensions?

From start to fabulous finish, your style appointment should take between three and four hours. If you’ve ever had hair extensions before, you know how quick and efficient that really is.

What type of hair do you use?

NBR extensions are only made up of Bohyme hair. It is known to be the highest quality of hair available on the market today. If it’s not Bohyme hair, they’re not the best hair extensions available, and they’re definitely not Natural Beaded Rows.

How often do I need to return for adjustments?

Depending on how quickly your natural hair grows, you’ll need to visit our San Diego hair extensions salon every four to six weeks to allow us to move the tracks. New hair will need to be placed approximately every eight months, depending on the level of care.

Can I use the same shampoo and styling products I use now on my new extensions?

We recommend using extension-specific hair care products to ensure that the integrity of every strand is protected. With the right products, you’ll be able to extend the life of your extensions and protect your natural hair as well.

Can I style my hair however I want?

With the right care and attention, you’ll be able to style your hair as preferred. Just be careful to not tug or pull on the beads when putting your hair in updo styles or ponytails. Make sure to let your hairstylist know that you’ve got NBR extensions in so that they use the correct styling techniques for every method.

My extensions don’t look completely natural. Is there anything I can do to improve their appearance?

Most clients notice a difference in texture when first leaving the salon, however, the extension hair will expand and take on a more realistic appearance after just a few washes.

I’m worried about damaging the rows while sleeping. Is there anything I need to know to protect the strands?

We recommend that before you turn in for the night that you brush your extensions out and place your hair in a loose rope braid. Not only will this limit pulling or tugging, but it will also create the soft, beachy waves you desire.

I’ve heard that some skin care products can damage hair extensions. What do I need to avoid?

Sunscreen has been shown to cause color changes to Boyhme hair extensions, making the strands a peachy color. To avoid the issue, make sure to place your hair in a high bun while applying sunscreen. Do not allow hair to touch areas where you’ve applied sunscreen until they are completely dry.

Can I blowdry my NBR extensions?

Yes, but you’ll want to exercise care. For most of the task, use only your fingers and hands and not a brush or comb. You can use the last few minutes of dry time to brush through and smooth out your style.

Where can I get Natural Beaded Row hair extensions near me?

Jennifer at JCN Salon is currently the only NBR-certified stylist in San Diego! She regularly sees clients from all over SoCal for hair extension services who agree that these types of hair extensions are well worth a little time spent on the 5.

If there is anything else you need to know about your extensions and how to maintain and care for them, we invite you to contact the JCN Hair Artistry team. We want you to completely enjoy your locks and keeping them luxurious will ensure your long-term satisfaction.

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