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Jennifer with the creators of NBR

As an NBR-certified stylist in San Diego, Jennifer adheres to a very exacting set of standards, ensuring unparalleled results for every client who enters her upscale hair salon. Backed by an extensive education, Jennifer’s passion for beauty has helped her stand out among even the most sought-after and respected hair stylists in San Diego and all of Southern California. Unlike traditional, temporary hair extension products, NBR extensions are precisely placed using a patented technique that ensures seamless integration with natural hair. Made of Bohyme hair, every strand is guaranteed to be the highest quality. They simply look and feel amazing and the beaded tracks limit damage to hair follicles and scalp tissue, making these safe hair extensions the perfect hair extensions for thinning or damaged hair. Hair extension stylists must first obtain certification through three separate levels of hands-on and group training. NBR-certified stylists are also required to undergo continuous education with live weekly training sessions with the NBR team. They also enjoy personal access to trainers and other NBR artists at any time they need assistance or have questions about these types of hair extensions.

The NBR Extensions Process

After an in-depth personal consultation, we’ll then begin to construct custom tracks that are meant to fit the exact dimensions of your head. After creating a custom color and meticulously applying the dye to both your natural hair and the individual strands of each row of extensions, we carefully and precisely weave in the extensions.

Before and After

After all strands are securely in place, Jennifer will then cut your Remy hair extensions and hair to create a flattering style where the extensions flow with your own natural locks. Adding beachy, relaxed curls and waves, your final look is sure to leave you feeling glamorous and confident. Finally, to capture your new fabulous look, we take a variety of pictures of you with your new beaded hair extensions. Not only does this help to create a record for future services, it also allows you to feel like the queen you truly are. To keep your NBR extensions looking their best, it is recommended that the track placement is adjusted every six to eight weeks with strands being replaced every eight months at our San Diego hair extension salon. Lightweight, comfortable and non-damaging hair extensions, NBR extensions deliver the full, luxurious locks you’ve dreamed of. To enjoy the experience for yourself, fill out and submit our online personal style survey. We’ll promptly get in touch with you to schedule a phone consultation where we’ll discuss your options. Revive your look with NBR extensions by JCN Hair Artistry. You deserve it.

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